Fine Art with Integrity

“Cory Lind is a talented indigenous artist, whose particular ability to realize hyper realistic portraits and landscapes is uniquely blended with traditional motifs. The artist is continually in his art practice, developing his expression and style of work.”
– Fleur Bourgeois

Alchemy Oil Painting
Oil Painting at Dusk

The Long Days End

2020 – 495mm x 595mm –  Oil on Canvas.

As I painted this, learning about the Texan countryside and the atmospheric colour differences, it occurred to me that this frail shambles of a barn resembled the current state of this nation. I am still only a spectator here, but it seems obvious to me it will fall, yet the surrounding ecosystem is ready and will flourish in the structure’s absence.

Recent Artworks

I constantly have several projects in progress. This allows me the luxury to revisit works with a fresh perspective and also the flexibility to take on commissions and mural work. These have been completed this year among many other pieces.

Billie Holiday

Strange Fruit

2020 – 765mm x 510mm – Oil on Canvs

Billie Holiday would perform the confrontational and heart-wrenching “Strange Fruit” as the finale to her set for much of her career. I have often imagined her shutting the audience out at such a time, surrounding herself instead with the souls of lives taken.

My Story

My art spans many mediums, comfortable with oil, watercolour, pencil and airbrush as well as carving beautiful bone and stone. My work ranges from tiny miniatures to huge murals, from colourful abstracts to photo-real portraits, many of which embrace my Maori whakapapa (heritage) and wairua (spirituality).

” Art is a journey. Art is life. It speaks to us and if we listen, we learn. We learn about each other and we learn to see each other with more truth. So art connects us all.”

Cory Lind


My first solo exhibition was originally planned for March 2020.

With the continuing concerns surrounding covid this is still on hold.

Cory with Mark Keiran of the Keiran-Sistrunk Fine Art Gallery
TBA - Kieran-Sistrunk Fine Art Gallery

Waco, Texas

oil on canvas mountain speaks
Oct 2020 - Online Exhibit

Waco, Texas

Oil on board Kupe
June 2019 - Lake House Art Centre


April 2018 - Te Herenga Waka